Monday, October 20, 2014

10-14 Zone Training Meetings in the Mission

Missionaries in Berlin North Zone
Missionaries in Chemnitz Zone
The Ensign: Commitment to be a part of their goals!
Missionaries in Dresden Zone
Missionaries in Hannover Zone
Missionaries in Hamburg Zone
Missionaries in Leipzig Zone
Missionaries in Neumünster Zone
Missionaries in Oldenburg Zone

10-14 Leadership Trainings in Hamburg and Berlin

Leadership in the four Western Zones
Leadership in the six Eastern Zone
Assistants "equally yoked together" in our Ukrainian double yoke.
Sister in Altona have their Language Study Assessment

Friday, October 3, 2014

10-14 Mission Leadership Council in Berlin

MLC - welcome new leaders
before everybody was ready :)
You're Special - we believe in Baptisms!
Sister Blake's extraordinary study journal - BMD = Blake Mormon Doctrine

Monday, September 29, 2014

09-14 Missionaries are leaving - Sister Funk, E/S Beesley, and Elder Struve

Thank you, Elder Swede T. Struve - we will miss you!
After extension - Thank you even more, E/S Beesley. You have helped a lot!
The Office with E/S Wright and E/S Curtis - E/S Beesley
Sister Funk - We love and we miss you!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

For missionaries going to Germany Berlin Mission (LDS)

Find more short movies in youtube with former Elder Bangerter and former Sister Faerber. 

Welcome in the Germany Berlin Mission - dear Missionary Couples! We love you.

E/S Curtis arrived in the office - they will replace E/S Beesley
E/S Hilton arrived safely!
new couple in Leipzig to work with YSA

Saturday, September 13, 2014

09-14 Missionary Meeting of the entire Germany Berlin Mission with Elder David A. Bednar and his wife, Susan, Elder Timothy J. Dyches and his wife, Jill.

Elder David A. Bednar, again 2014,                 
“Teaching is not talking and telling; teaching is observing and listening so that we can discern and then know what to say.”

Thursday, September 11, 2014

09-14 New Missionaries and their Companions = Welcome! We live a life in Crescendo.

09-14 Elders Stringham-Morton
09-14 Elders Billings-Chadaz
09-14 Elders Flack-Brown
09-14 Elders Mitchell-Garner
09-14 Elders Meeks-Germann
09-14 Elders Hogan-Fowler
09-14 Elders Haas-Pilling
09-14 Elders Mullen-Silver
09-14 Elders Noorda-Kraeftner
09-14 Elders Pinyon-Hunt
09-14 Elders Thompson-Power
09-14 Elders Staheli-Kreutz
09-14 Elders Schmidt-Perkins
09-14 Elders Sagmeister-Whitaker
09-14 Elders Weakley-Lyon
09-14 Sister Gebhardt-Lohner
09-14 Sisters Bollwinkel-Moffet
09-14 Sisters Killpack-Longhurst
09-14 Sisters Sanders-Reed
09-14 Sisters Veselka-Pickett
09-14 Sisters Wilson-Davis
09-14 Sisters Vick-Lisonbee
09-14 Sisters Lartey-Kronwitter
09-14 Sisters Seamons-Hashimoto-Windmueller
09-14 Sisters Stringham-Frenkel
09-14 Sisters Rimmasch-Jensen
09-14 Sisters Norton-Mittleman
09-14 Sisters Toma-Egbert