First Reunion

First Reunion

Monday, April 4, 2016

"Unofficial Mission Reunion" April 1, 2016

Singing in crescendo and getting a feeling of our Germany Berlin Mission Family. Thank you, Elder and Sister Wright for such a great preparation.

Thank you to all who wanted to come but couldn't and for those who were able. You cannot imagine how you help us, Sister Kosak and me, to see the strength of RMs. At the end, to live in crescendo as we abide with our Savior daily is our goal.

We love each one of you!

Reunion with some of those who attended...

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Still true and forever...

German Views

German View
Another one...

Missionaries seen in the Mission

Good Bye to E/S Hilton in the Leipzig Institut

Sister Henrie and Curry in Freiberg
Elders in Leipzig

Elder Schaal came back to Berlin to say Good Bye to many.
Good Bye - E/S Curtis and Sister Wasden - well done! 
Old picture with name tags... 

New Eternal Marriages - Congratulations!!

Elder Moss [I am sure with special music]
Elder Chance Carter

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Mormon Model in Europe - former Elder Keon Smith:

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Why so many couples meet on a mission?

Thursday, February 25, 2016

What happened...

Elders and Sisters at our home - teaching the Gospel 
Sister Mittleman in our home 
missionary lost...
little reunion

Seminary Super Saturday in Czech Republic - Brno
Sisters at Stake Conference
Missionaries taught us

Thathanka Yotanka
Elder Blake's homecoming reunion
Skyping with my Sister in WHV - suddenly Elder come by...
dangerous - all three together
My East European colleagues - short visit!! Happiness of the Past, Present, and Future

New Weddings and babies - December 2015 - January/February 2016

family Bishop and Baby - Congrats!
Sister Schwantes got married. 
Sister Cluff is married.
Elder Popp is married.
Elder Gerberding is married.
Elder Pack ist verheiratet.
Elder Casper ist verheiratet.
Elder Logan James is married
Elder Stephens got married. 
Elder Paul is married.
Elder E. Gibson is married. 
Elder Peterson got married.
Sister Shipley is married.
Elder Coleman and Sister Anna Hansen got married - to each other :)
Elder Locher ist verheiratet.
Glückwunsch zum Baby in der Familie Primas.
Happiness in family Hardy [Faerber] - baby arrived.